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  1. We all know about the popular Mexican drug lords Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. And if you don't, well then you are missing out on quite alot! There comes no su..
  2. Today we are comparing the two most infamous Mexican cartel bosses to see who the REAL kingpin is. That's right, it's El Chapo up against Pablo Escobar. Whic..
  3. Joaquin El Chapo Guzman vs El Patron Pablo Escobar - Who was the Bigger Drug Kingpin? Dont forget to LIKE & SHARE this video if you enjoy it! Ill be uploadin..
  4. El Chapo Guzmán VS El Güero Palma - Duration: 19:14. Gus Vlogger 1,115,835 views. 19:14 . Pablo Escobar 5 Maneras de derrochar dinero - Duration: 2:17. Increibles Verdades 841,004 views. 2.
  5. Just like El Chapo Pablo Escobar also gave back to his community, even pledging at one time to pay down Colombia's debt. Posters show the late leader of the Colombian drug cartel and reads.
  6. Joaquin El Chapo Guzman may never quite reach the levels of notoriety or wealth that Pablo Escobar enjoyed during his life, but he operated in a different era, one in which staying under the radar was more important so that he could avoid authorities employing modern technology in their hunt

EL CHAPO: El Chapo is decent enough. It's just that in nearly every instance, Narcos does it better, from the realistic brutality to the characters perpetually stuck in a mire of moral grey areas. Still, not a bad binge watch. THE MONEY. PABLO ESCOBAR: It's hard to pin down the amount of money Escobar earned, but estimates place it around. The drug lords worked different markets: El Chapo transferred marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and crystal methamphetamine, while Escobar specialized in cocaine, according to Business Insider... As far as billionaire drug lords go it's hard not to compare Colombia's Pablo Escobar with Mexico's Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. Both men have made it onto Forbes World's Billionaires List and both..

Le procès en cours du Mexicain El Chapo à New York permet de faire la lumière sur l'hallucinant train de vie qu'il a mené durant 25 ans. Entrez avec nous dans le monde, d'un luxe délirant, du. Pablo is from Colombia and Chapo is from Mexico.One was first than other. Pablo begins to introduce cocaine to USA with Carlos Lehder through Bahamas Islands. They won a lot of money. The Chapo was after in Mexico Pablo Escobar death

Pablo Escobar: The ruthless leader of the famous medillian drug cartel vs Al Capone: The famous gang leader who ruled new york though alcohol Who is Deadliest Edges Baseball bat and Brass knuckles vs Machete: The machete has a higher killing power and the baseball bat and brass knuckles will take longer to kill someone with. Edge Machete Sawn off shotgun vs Mini Uzi: While the uzi dose have a. Pablo Escobar vs El Chapo vs Al Capone. At the peak of their power if all three were trying to operate in the same general area who would come out on top. 21 comments. share. save. hide. report. 97% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1 . 63 points · 4 years ago. Pablo Escobar, hands down. I don't want to say to much. Escobar's fall from grace was in 1993 whereas El Chapo's appears to be right now via his extradition to the U.S. in January to face drug trafficking charges. Both drug kingpins amassed insane..

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  1. Forbes, notorious for hit listing world-class rich people, gave the comparison between El Chapo net worth vs. Pablo Escobar. In 2009, They deduced that El Chapo's net worth amounted to $1 billion worth of narcotics and total assets. On the other hand, they also placed Pablo Escobar's net worth at around $3 billion between 1987-1993
  2. Pablo Escobar, a farmer's son from rural Colombia, and Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, a product of Mexico's rugged Sierra Madre Mountains, have delivered immeasurable amounts of cocaine and other.
  3. Pablo Escobar was born the son of a peasant farmer in the middle of the Colombian countryside. Similarly Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán grew up in a rural and rugged area in Mexico's rugged Sierra Madre mountains. Both tricked the law time and time again and made huge profits selling cocaine in America
  4. Pablo Escobar, a farmer's son from rural Colombia, and Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, a product of Mexico's rugged Sierra Madre mountains, delivered immeasurable amounts of cocaine and other drugs to.
  5. Al Capone and Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria had a few parallels in their lives. Firstly they both made most of their money from the sale of prohibited goods, Capone from alcohol and Escobar from cocaine. Secondly, they both adopted a similar policy..

In this exclusive first look, we see the man known as El Chapo (Marco de la O) meeting with none other than infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (Mauricio Mejía). Joaquin wants in on Mr. Pablo's. Comparing Chapo & Capone El Chapo Vs Al Capone Chapo makes around 3 billion dollars per year Chapo was on Forbes magazine as one of the most richest people in the world. Chapo is known as the 'drug lord' He is the first man to be named 'Public enemy no.1 El chapo is one of th A en croire les procureurs américains, El Chapo --Le Courtaud, en référence à sa petite taille-- est le plus puissant narcotrafiquant depuis le Colombien Pablo Escobar, mort en 1993 Biographie. Juan Escobar, sa mère et sa sœur Manuela, ont fui au Mozambique après la mort de Pablo Escobar, puis ont voyagé avec des visas touristiques en Argentine, où ils sont finalement restés et sont devenus des citoyens en exil de leur Colombie natale.Juan Pablo a alors choisi le nom « Sebastián Marroquín ». Sebastián Marroquín est diplômé de l'université avec un diplôme.

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman vs El Patron Pablo Escobar - Who

Il est de l'ordre de Pablo Escobar ou de Scarface. Un paysan. Il est même d'un calibre plus important que Pablo Escobar, le narcotrafiquant colombien, car c'est un petit paysan. Il a été I have to said Pablo Escobar controls 80% of drugs in the us and el chapo reach only 25 % I guess to have a comment on this need to read about them before said anything I m impress with what the Colombian Pablo Escobar have done he build his own jail make the government collapse and pray for him to stop he have the guts to show up on tv call the president in person and ask what he want and I.

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  1. En leur prime, qui était le plus puissant, intimidant et riche des 2 El chapo Escobar - Topic Pablo El Patrón Escobar vs Joaquín El chapo Guzmán du 12-09-2016 04:46:48 sur les forums de.
  2. Qui est le plus grand baron de la drogue ? En statistiques, la confrontation entre les deux plus grands seigneurs de la drogue, El Chapo VS Pablo Escobar (El Patron)
  3. El Chapo's wanted son spent months living in Colombia running a cocaine operation and throwing lavish drug-fueled parties under the protection of Pablo Escobar's former hitmen, informant claim

Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear Psychopathy and Narcoterrorism: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo Guzman by Rollins, Mikael, M.A., California Baptist University, 2017, 89; 10286826. Abstract (Summary) This study analyzes the psychosocial aspects of narcoterrorism reflected by two of the most notorious drug lords in recent Columbian and Mexican history: Pablo Escobar and Joaquin El Chapo. Le plus grand criminel selon vous Si vous en connaissez d'autres partage - Topic Al Capone vs Pablo Escobar du 22-11-2014 21:26:29 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.co

View Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo.pptx from ISA CSNE 1113 at Sam Houston State University. PABLO ESCOBAR VS EL CHAPO BY: DONOVAN LOPEZ PROFESSOR SHEA INTEGRATED SOFTWARE APP APRIL 30, 2019 FAMOU Lad os sammenligne de to mest berygtede narkotikaforhandlere i historien og fremhæve El Chapo Net Worth mod Pablo Escobar. Se på deres historie Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Vs Pablo Escobar. 1st round: Hand to hand combat. 2nd round: Cartel vs Cartel. 3rd round: They get to use their cartels (at their peak) and any other ally they muster be it in their own country or rivals of their rival. 0 comments. share. save hide report. 50% Upvoted. This thread is archived . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. no.

10 Cars From El Chapo's Collection vs 10 From Pablo Escobar's

1. Pablo Escobar n'avait pas une moustache aussi fournie. Bon là c'est juste mon avis. En regardant quelques photos de Pablo Escobar, je trouve quand même qu'on a collé à l'acteur. Pablo Escobar vs El Chapo and Al Capone vs Amado Fuentes. So here's the situation. All 4 contestants are transported to 1990 America with the knowledge, influence, and money they had at their peak. Each man gets 1,000 (so 500/500 for Chapo and Capone) to place either in the streets or in prisons to help gain control over the black market, however their power can grow over time. The goal? To.

Face-Off: Pablo Escobar Vs Joaquin El Chapo Guzman

Pablo Escobar Vs. El Chapo Guzman Comparison Narcos Netflix. Яко е! 1. Сподели 0. 37 05.03.2018 Инфо. Today we are comparing the two most infamous Mexican cartel bosses to see who the REAL kingpin is. That's right, it's El Chapo up against Pablo Escobar...

Pablo Escobar Vs. El Chapo Net Worth: Which Brutal Drug ..

PABLO! This guy started at a very young age, probably was a teenager when he started his life of crime. According to some reports, his first illegal scheme was selling fake diplomas. Escobar also stole cars, and it was this offense that resulted i.. El Chapo Mexican Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Colombian Drug Lord Some of the roles these men played during their time periods are. Distributing Drugs Bringing in large amounts of cash Murdering many people Evading police and other enemies Person What was sold Net Worth Murders committed Pablo Escobar Cocaine $9-30 Billion 3,000+ people, official number not known El Chapo Cocaine $1 Billion 2,000.

El Chapo est le plus puissant trafiquant de drogue depuis Pablo Escobar. Extradé aux États-Unis en janvier 2017 après treize ans de cavale, il a échappé plus d'une fois aux autorités. Vous connaissez mon amour pour le cinéma et surtout pour les films dramatique et les thrillers d'action. Narcos est pour le moment ma série préférée. Cette série raconte l'histoire de notre cher Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (avec l'accent espagnol por favor). Narcos est sortie en 2015 et El patron del mal en 2012. Il fau Regardless of the luck, I think El Chapo doesn't have the same level of ambition that Pablo had. Which is a good thing because it will keep him alive longer. El Chapo also doesn't have the same resume as Pablo, not even close. It's like comparing your local grocery store to Walmart imo. Not trying to downplay El Chapo, but El Chapo hasn't owned a whole country or sold 80% of the worlds Cocaine.

Un ancien bras droit du baron de la drogue mexicain Joaquin El Chapo Guzman a été condamné vendredi à la réclusion à perpétuité aux Etats-Unis, a annoncé à l'AFP une source judiciaire. Damaso Lopez-Nunez, 52 ans, qui fut l'un des principaux responsables du cartel Sinaloa, a été condamné par un tribunal fédéral à Alexandria (Virginie, nord-est) Le logiciel Movavi éditeur et montage vidéo et photo ultra performant, pour créer et retoucher des photos/vidéos facilement avec un logiciel intuitif pour tous vos projets de créations artistiques vidéos ou photos Liste des citations de Pablo Escobar classées par thématique. La meilleure citation de Pablo Escobar préférée des internautes. Retrouvez toutes les phrases célèbres de Pablo Escobar parmi une sélection de + de 100 000 citations célèbres provenant d'ouvrages, d'interviews ou de discours. Lisez le TOP 10 des citations de Pablo Escobar pour mieux comprendre sa vie, ses actes et sa. Hollywood Bona Fides The man who worked with both Escobar and El Chapo is portrayed by actor, José María Yazpik, in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico. Pablo Emilio Escobar, $122 billio L'an dernier, Netflix renouvelait Narcos pour deux saisons supplémentaires. Après avoir raconté l'histoire du narcotrafic en Colombie, la saison 4 devrait nous emmener dans les contrées.

Video: Billionaire drug lords: Comparing Pablo Escobar and 'El Chapo'

Very difficult to compare these both series as both has their own pros and cons. So I would like to highlight few points which I observed and leave this comparison upto your interpretation after you will watch the series. Narcos: Seasons 1-3 are p.. Pablo v. Chapo. Close. 411. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Pablo v. Chapo. 36 comments. share. save hide report. 99% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by . best. level 1. 148 points · 1 year ago. It is absolutely fucking insane how much money Escobar made. level 2. 23 points · 1 year ago...and how much he burned. Continue this.

New York - En presque trois mois, un jury new-yorkais a entendu 54 témoins livrer des témoignages accablants contre le narcotrafiquant mexicain Joaquin Guzman alias El Chapo Billionaire Mexican drug cartel king Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera's time as a free man appears to be short-lived: Mexican police acknowledged Sunday that they nearly caught him in February. Aug 6, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Tom Allmon. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Le Pablo Escobar des temps modernes. La vie de cet homme pourrait devenir une future grosse production hollywoodienne ! Roi de la drogue au Mexique et boss du cartel de Sinaloa, El Chapo nous a fait vivre un véritable feuilleton l'année dernière ! Avec son arrestation géante réunissant les forces navales mexicaines, la police des stupéfiants américaines (DEA) et les Marshals (rien que.

Procès du narco El Chapo : des goûts de luxe délirants

If they were all alive in the same era, who would be the biggest boss? Who's the top man of all 3? If you think it's someone else, who would it be Pablo Escobar vs el señor de los cielos y el chapo. 1.3K likes. origina Atlanta-Based Community Organization 'Misfits' Launches Barred Business Grant Program For Formerly Incarcerated Business Owners Frozen Out Of Federal COVID-19 Relie Narcos : La fuite de Pablo Escobar. 9265 vues - Il y a 4 ans. 1:05. Narcos - saison 2 EXTRAIT VOST L'évasion d'Escobar 1630 vues - Il y a 4 ans. Afficher les autres vidéos. 6:24. Narcos. Narcos n'est pas la première série sur Escobar, car dans les faits, ça fait au moins la 6ème oeuvre TV/Ciné inspirée de la vie de Don Pablo (Oui parce que les bouquins on ne les compte plus.

Découvrez Pablo Escobar Vs Elchapo [Explicit] de Finetro Finesse sur Amazon Music. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Amazon.fr On a tué un Escobar, douze El Chapo sont sortis du chapeau. On peut bien sûr suspendre les aides internationales, mais les politiques de conservation des espèces sauvages ne réussiront à être durables que si, sur le plan économique, il y a du cash à prendre. La lutte contre l'écotrafic, à l'instar de celle contre le changement climatique, est l'un des grands enjeux. El Chapo is a crime television series, co-produced by Netflix and Univision, about the life of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán. The series premiered on April 23, 2017 on Univision before airing on Netflix worldwide. It stars Marco de la O as the title character. The series recounts the beginnings of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán in 1985, when he was a low-level member of the Guadalajara Cartel, his.

What is the difference between Pablo Escobar and El Chapo

If Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar was still alive, he would almost be jealous. The Mexican Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka El Chapo, who has earned the same reputation as an omnipotent drug. Pablo Escobar, a farmer's son from rural Colombia, and Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, a product of Mexico's rugged Sierra Madre mountains, delivered immeasurable amounts of cocaine and other drugs. 2 Chainz Sued Pablo Escobar's Family Co.... El Patron's Name Belongs to Us!!! 2.4K; 6/17/2020 11:25 AM PT Exclusive. TMZ/Getty Composite. 2 Chainz's got more drama over his ATL joint, and this. From Pablo Escobar's cozy sweaters to Hélmer Pacho Herrera's sophisticated salsa moves, El Chapo was first introduced in Narcos: Mexico Season 1, where he became a gunman of Héctor.

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  1. El Chapo vs Pablo Escobar (who was the bigger/more powerful?) Biggest drug lord of today vs biggest drug lord of the 80s (arguably of all time). Who made more money? Who killed more people? Who was more ruthless, and feared by his enemies? Who built the most massive empire? Who had the most power, political, economic or otherwise? Who will be remembered as the GOAT drug lord? 04-26-2017, 04:08.
  2. utes, diffusée entre le 23 avril 2017 [1] et le 25 juillet 2018 sur Univision, et à l'international sur Netflix.. Elle met en scène l'histoire vraie de l'avènement, de la capture et de l'évasion du célèbre baron de la drogue mexicain Joaquín Guzmá
  3. Since the late 1970s, two men have emerged as the most powerful and most dangerous drug lords in the world. Pablo Escobar, a farmer's son from rural Colombia, and Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, a.
  4. Le narcotrafiquant Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo est à l'honneur de la saison 4 de Narcos. Moins connu que Pablo Escobar ou Joaquin Guzman, l'homme a été à la tête du plus gros cartel de.
  5. El chapo vs Pablo Escobar? Who was worse, who made more of an impact/influence, who had more money, who had a bigger cartel?? But if there is was someone worse than both of them please mention them, I'm just trying to figure out who is the all time. Answer Save. 1 Answer. Relevance. Anonymous . 4 years ago. Escobar killed a lot more people. For example, at one point he blew up a passenger.
  6. al counts Updated February 13, 2019 11:43:41 Photo: 'El Chapo' showed no emotion when his verdict was read

And Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal, used Escobar's story to explore Latin America's urban-rural divide and the systems of race, class and power that trap less-educated or racially. El Chapo : Il est encore plus important que Pablo Escobar SAISON 2015 - 2016 07h28, le 11 janvier 2016 A; A; 6:21 Podcasts; Télécharger; Partagez sur : Jean-Paul Mari, grand reporter et. El Chapo se dit enfin « heureux d'être libre parce que la liberté c'est vraiment bien » et que celle-ci lui apporte « beaucoup de bonheur ». Il dit espérer vivre « avec [s] a famille. En manque de gros baron de la drogue qui tâche depuis la saison 2 de Narcos ? Ne restez pas comme ça, on a ce qu'il vous faut NARCOS season 4 dropped on Netflix last week with fans already binge-watching the entire run over the weekend. Some fans have been asking about the new series and the relationship between drug.

Le narcotrafiquant mexicain Joaquin Guzman, alias «El Chapo», a été condamné mercredi par un juge de New York à la perpétuité, assortie de 30 années de prison supplémentaires.Les avocats. El Chapo then vanishes from the series and reappears, but he's always kind of around. In another telling scene, a man who looks a lot like him slouches on a sofa with Rafael Caro Quintero as the. Joaquín Guzmán Loera begins his narco-tunnel strategy to impress Pablo Escobar in the first chapter of the series 'El Chapo'. His ambitions leave a trail of blood Pablo Escobar a brulé 2 millions de dollars pour réchauffer sa fille ! 18 octobre 2015 | Dans Célébrités, Sociét é. Lorsqu'il était en cavale en 1993, le célèbre baron de la drogue colombien Pablo Escobar Gaviria vivait dans une planque dans les montagnes qui entourent la ville de Medellin, en Colombie. Il a fait tout ce qu'il pouvait pour sauver la vie de sa famille et de ses. El Chapo made a name for himself as a trafficker in the 1980s by digging tunnels under the U.S.-Mexico border that allowed him to smuggle drugs more quickly than any of his rivals. He amassed.

Mauricio Mejía, Actor: American Made. Mauricio Mejía was born on September 13, 1974 in Envigado, Colombia as Mauricio Mejía Zapata. He is an actor, known for American Made (2017), Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal (2012) and El Chapo (2017) spoilers saison mexique pena vs el chapo Mack T. je suis en train de regarder je suis au 4 episode la de la saison3ca ce mate la saison 3 mais moins bien que les saisons avec pablo escobar.. Colombian Cartels, including Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel, the Cali Cartel and the Norte Del Valle Cartel. While the Colombians maintained a cocaine distribution infrastructure in United States cities, they relied on Mexican drug traffickers, who were longtime - smuggler Pablo Escobar, né le 1 er décembre 1949 à Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombie, et mort le 2 décembre 1993 à Medellín, Colombie, est un célèbre trafiquant colombien de cocaïne. À la tête du cartel de Medellín, il a été l'un des principaux barons de la drogue dans les années 1980. Son cartel, au sommet de son activité, fournit environ 80 % de la cocaïne consommée aux États-Unis. Killer, drug smuggler, folk hero, Houdini of jailhouse escapes--the legend of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman is well known. But now take an unprecedented look at the man behind the myth and how his international drug cartel impacts us right here at home

Si (El Chapo) lui a donné de l'argent ou des conseils pour éviter d'être repéré, c'est un autre problème. Mais le seul fait de le rencontrer, de l'interviewer et d'écrire l'article ne. The El Chapo story just kept giving. I remember the foreign press corps, even those veterans who had been here for decades, repeating at that time, You can't make this stuff up! But actually, maybe you can. Marco de la O as drug lord Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera in the Univisión/Netflix series El Chapo. Photo: Netfli Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want, el chapo vs pablo escobar reddit. If you wish to disable cookies, though it is still somewhat surprising that El Chapo didn't have an H1. El Chapo also had a passion for cars, you may do so through your individual browser options. Choose an option below to continue browsing HotCars. Both the original Skyline GT-R and the new GT-R.

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Trevor Noah wants the Sackler opioid 'cartel' to be as infamous as El Chapo, Pablo Escobar, so he made a TV show. February 21, 2019 Right now in America, more people are killed by opioids than. RELATED: Escobar vs. El Chapo: Comparing their drug empires. The Institute, whose projects include a shift away from the drug war paradigm, asked for CIA records on Escobar's death and the death. El Chapo seems like the same guy at the beginning of the story that he is now. It's not like he had a moment where he said, 'Oh, man, I'm a really bad guy,' Mr. Fontana said. — (Reporter) Pablo Escobar ha sido llamado el -Robin Hood paisa-. 7. GRINGO (hijoeputa) Vous savez peut-être déjà ce que signifie un gringo, même si le terme est plus courant en Amérique qu'en Europe. Le mot (qui n'est pas insultant, au pire légèrement moqueur) est utilisé dans beaucoup de pays hispanophones pour parler des étrangers et principalement des Américains. Pour ce. Pablo Escobar, popularno zvan kao kralj kokaina, došao je iz siromašne poljoprivredne kolumbijske obitelji, a s 35 godina postao je jedan od najbogatijih ljudi na svijetu. Unatoč svojem podrijetlu, Escobar je postao vođa Medellin kartela koji je bio odgovoran za oko 80 posto globalnog kokainskog tržišta. Zbog podrijetla novca, teško je procijeniti njegovu točnu vrijednost, ali se.

A Tale Of Two Drug Kingpins: El Patron Vs

Feb 14, 2019 - Boss of Cartel de Sinaloa Born: December 25,1954 or April 4,1954 La Tuna, Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico Other Names: El Chapo/ The Last Godfather/ El Rapido Height 5 ft 6 in Weight 201 lbs Criminal charges: Murder, money laundering, drug trafficking, racketeering, organized crime Spouse(s): Alejandrina María Salazar Hernández (1977) Estela Peña (date unknown) Griselda López. Pablo Escobar Vs. El Chapo: Chart Compares The Two Most Notorious Drug Dealers In History #El Chapo. by Cass Anderson 4 years ago Facebook. Twitter. Reddit. FlipBoard. YouTube. They are the two most notorious drug lords in history, one preceding the other by several decades, but even to people that don't do drugs the names Pablo Escobar and Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán are known. Each of. The parallels between El Patron and his pets formed a central theme of the 2010 documentary film Pablo's Hippos - and the animal was used by Mexican novelist Juan Pablo Villalobos as a metaphor.

The elusive Mr Tse, said to be on a par with Latin America's legendary drugs traffickers El Chapo and Pablo Escobar, is being investigated in connection with a network formed out of an. Le procès du Mexicain Joaquin Guzman, surnommé « El Chapo », s'ouvre ce lundi 5 novembre aux Etats-Unis. Celui qui a... Lire la suite Marijuana / Stoner - History of Drug Trafficking: Pablo Escobar vs. El Chapo Like us on Facebook!. El Chapo (TV Series 2017- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Oct 18, 2017 - Report Issue: * Broken Video Wrong Episode No Videos Broken Links Submit Report Watch El Chapo Online First Aired: April 23, 2017 Air Day: Friday Air Time: 12:00 AM Runtime: 55 minutes Network: Univision Genre: Crime, Drama Watch El ChapoRead more Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera [ x o a ˈ k i n a ɾ t ʃ i ˈ β a l d o ɣ u s ˈ m a n l o ˈ e ɾ a] [1] dit « El Chapo » [e l ˈ t͡ʃ a p o] [1] (« le petit »), né le 25 décembre 1954 ou le 4 avril 1957 selon les sources [2], dans l'État du Sinaloa (au Mexique), est un mafieux mexicain qui co-dirige le cartel de Sinaloa, organisation spécialisée dans le trafic international.

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